"Same Day Delivery and Setup Anywhere in the United States"

AMC Elite provides drying support for millions of square feet in commercial and industrial losses each year. We have provided desiccant dehumidification for the two largest office buildings in the United States - the Pentagon (1) and the San Antonio, TX headquarters for USAA insurance (2) which encompasses 5 million square feet.

With few exceptions all of our commercial and industrial drying is clearance tested (for drying to baseline) by Certified Industrial Hygienists or third party engineers.

AMC Elite has provided drying for government projects, hospitals and assisted living centers, universities and colleges, libraries, manufacturers, power and water plants, document storage, apartments and condominiums, hotels and resorts, schools, museums and historical structures, gymnasium floors, malls and retail stores.

Drying for the Pentagon Library after 9/11

The Pentagon Library is located within the center ring of the Pentagon, the world's largest office building. On September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked this facility by crashing a commercial jetliner into the building. The nose gear of the plane actually penetrated the first four rings of the Pentagon and hit the back wall of the library. Smoke and water damage affected the entire library which housed more than 250,000 bound volumes, 2,000,000 pieces of micro-graphics, classified and confidential records, historical military documents, more than 100 computer workstations and a dedicated server room. Mold and mildew had begun to grow, as it was more than 10 days before FBI/ATF investigators allowed us and the library staff to enter. Desiccant dehumidification was set up immediately to control moisture, stabilize the indoor environment, halt mold growth, and prevent further material deterioration.