"Same Day Delivery and Setup Anywhere in the United States"


Home Depot

The earthquake which struck at 3:40 pm April 4, 2010 had its epicenter south of Mexicali, Mexico, near the village
of Guadalupe Victoria. It shook buildings as faraway as San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Retail
operations in El Centro suffered water damage when the fire suppression pipes broke.

Call came in Monday at 6:00 p.m. AMC Elite had equipment on site at 3:00 a.m. responding with equipment from
Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We understand the urgency, and are committed to "Same Day Delivery and Setup
Anywhere in the United States." In all AMC Elite provided 14 5,000cfm desiccant dehumidifiers for this project.


Quick action can prevent secondary damage, (particularly corrosion and degradation
caused by high humidity and condensation) to electrical components, contacts,
sensors, switches, switching gear, industrial motors and pumps etc. and sensitive
electrical devices and instruments such as personal computers, mainframes, printers,
copiers, telephonic, testing, and medical equipment.

Another important benefit for retail operations is that timely and proper drying can
prevent secondary damage due to swelling, curling, or other distortion of paper goods,
card stock, packaging, and labels.